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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Movie That Turned Out to Be Awesome!!

So, I am not the movie connoisseur in the family, but I did just see a movie today that BLEW my mind.

HARD CANDY, 2005--Directed by David Slade

It stars Ellen Page, who has recently blown up from her performance in Juno. It also has Sandra Oh (my Grey's Anatomy fav, btw there is a new GA ep tonight).

So, I don't even want to tell you all what it is about, so you can be surprised--but I must say it is rather dark and twisty. In short, a pedophile has the tables turned on him.

LOVED IT! Please see it so we can discuss!

Side note--The Great Debaters--and surprisingly (because I am a Tyler Perry hater) Why Did I Get Married were also some of my recently viewed favs.

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