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Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can not wait until this movie is released! It is scheduled to hit theaters in May of 2008.

It will star of course, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall, along with Jennifer Hudson, Jason Lewis, Evan Handler, and more. I am sooo glad they got over they're personal beefs so they could satisfy their many fans and get that money!
Below is a pic from the NYC set:

Red Carpet Fashion Donts

  • So I love Vanessa Williams, and think she is very classy, beautiful, and poised (except for that whole naked photo thing). I even see where she was going with this ensemble, but all the feathers (which are very in right now) were just wayy too much.
  • Debra Messing actually got rave reviews for this Ralph Lauren creation but I hated it. I think it looks very old school prom-ish.

  • Hayden Pantieri's (or however you spell it) dress is swallowing her! She is a petite 18 year old but this dress looks like it is for a pregnant WNBA player.
  • Now we all know Paula is a little bit crazy, but she went too far! The one titty out is never a good look (Lil Kim) even if it is bejeweled.

  • Swiss looks like a gangsta line cook and Eve's shoes are terrible. The dress itself is pretty whack (although metallic is in) I am just not feeling it.
  • LC from The Hills donned one of her own designs, and I give her props for trying. However, I thought the dress was unoriginal, shapeless, and kinda 70's grandma-ish.

  • OK, so T-Pain was a mess at the MTV awards. From the striped shirt, to the piping on the jacket, to the un-ironed under shirt, to the ...(its just all wrong!)
  • Ne-yo looks like a gay bandit!

  • Pharell and Pusha T just look real REGULAR here. I think my bf has that shirt, Pusha.

  • So I thought Kanye and his fiance Alexis, looked pretty whack on the red carpet. Although you cant see 'Ye's sneakers (which weren't cool like Robin Thicke's) you can see his tight ass jacket, different colored pants, skinny and crooked ass bow tie, and you know the white shades were not far away. Alexis looks OK and there is nothing really wrong with her dress. Her hair looks DRY though and that color is not a good look. On the whole, I give then a thumbs down.

  • J Hud looks Horrible! Did she steal some of the Dream girl's wardrobe and just tie on a belt? Aja, I know that's your girl, but she needs to get a stylist and some spanx quick.
And finally,

Lil Mama--WTF?

Red Carpet Fashion Dos

So, as award's season is starting to roll around, we can expect some awesome fashion trends along with some style atrocities. Here are a few of my favs from the recent MTV and Emmys Awards.


Rihanna looked fresh and young with this strapless, bright pink, fishtail dress. Love the hair and edgy highlights and nails.

  • Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton make a stylish team. I am loving Paula's 20's inspired dressed and Robin looks cool in his blazer, t-shirt and sneaks.
  • I like Cassie's overall look. The skinny jeans, bling and jeweled halter make a fly casual statement.

  • I am feeling 50's business casual look. Mike hates the shirt collar over the jacket, but I think he looks nice.

  • I am also feeling TI and Tiny's look as a couple. I would have worn a different purse, but all in all, TI looks dapper, and Tiny's dress, belt and shoes are cute.

  • Katherine Heigl at the 2007 Emmy's was stunning in this Zac Posen gown.

  • Kate Walsh from Grey's Anatomy looked fly in this form fitting gown. She is 40ish and her body looks great!.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Damn It OJ!

I remember like it was yesterday, most of my high school class packed in Mr. Rutschman's room awaiting the verdict. Whites on one side and blacks on the other. Not Guilty! We (the blacks) cheered like we had won the lottery. Later that evening while talking to my former boss Dan (a jew), he was furious and could not believe there was an acquittal. Now Dan is not racist in the least, and actually could be termed a civil rights advocate. This was one thing he could not let go, and it had nothing to do with race. We would argue and argue and he would ask "How can you believe this man is innocent?" He would say that he could understand if I felt like the justice system had been so slanted against blacks, that the verdict was one time where blacks got over on the system. I didn't feel that way though, I argued until I was blue that the evidence did not show he was guilty, that he was being framed and he was truly innocent (this is my 17 year old pre-law school opinion).

So fast-forward ten years, this dude writes a book about how he would have killed them if he was the killer. Seriously?!!!! I was personally offended, not to mention sick to my stomach for the Brown and Goldman families. I cannot believe I supported this asshole. What else can you call someone who could be sooo callous? Not only are you a murderer who got away with murder, you want to profit off of the story of how you killed the mother of your children?

So OJ was arrested and is being held in Nevada for armed robbery. According to investigators, Simpson and several cohorts burst into a room at the Palace Station hotel Thursday evening and confiscated collectibles that Simpson claims were stolen from him (the items were being offered for sale by a dealer with whom Simpson has had prior business dealings). Simpson, who is facing six felony charges, is the second person arrested for the alleged memorabilia heist. Walter Alexander, a 46-year-old Arizona man, was nabbed last night on armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy raps. Two firearms were seized during search warrants executed following the arrest of Alexander, whose booking photo can be found here. The weapons, cops contend, were the ones used during the hotel heist. I hope he is sentenced to the max! Listen to the audio of the robbery.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Name That Child Star (or at least her role and show)

Excellent Job! Stephanie Tanner-Full House

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Celebrities and Jail

So, it seems that celebrities just can't keep themselves out of trouble. It's one thing to have an addiction problem (which is hard to escape in the business) and quite another to be in an out of jail on petty crimes every other week. In the past, celebs would get charged for something major like murder, but now days its anything from hitting someone with a cell phone to driving the wrong direction on the freeway. Why can't they just act right? Is it that hard to do your drugs in the privacy of your own home, hire a driver, and refrain from assaulting people? As a multi-million dollar football star, do you have to bring your weed with you on the plane? I hate that the media feeds into this crap (although, I guess I am guilty of both writing and reading about it. =)). We didn't need more coverage of the Paris to prison situation than say Katrina or the Tsunami. Do these stars really think they are untouchable? I'm glad Paris had to do the time, as well as Lil Kim and Martha Stewart.

Next to go to the pokie is rapper Foxy Brown--who clearly needs anger management more than Naomi Campbell and Eminem combined. A year in prison should have her thinking twice about assaulting nail technicians and spitting on beauty supply workers. Please BET-no Countdown to Lock down Part II (can you believe that show was the Number 1 rated show on BET--WTF--BET steals formatting ideas from everyone and when they finally come up with their own-its some crap like that?'--although HELL DATE is hilarious!).

OK, back to the topic at hand, is there a difference in reasoning behind why black and white celebrities get into trouble? Do whites get into it because they think they can get away with anything? Do blacks feel the same way or have some not grown out of that hood mentality? Football players causing riots by making it rain, having dog fighting rings, and starting fights is just STUPID to me! Why risk your entire career on a weekend at the strip club? How can PacMan Jones be so cavalier about an incident that led to a man's paralysis? How hard is it to not involve yourself in illegal activity WHEN YOU MAKE MILLIONS?

Finally, Trick Daddy apparently was involved in an altercation at the strip club this past weekend and was arrested. The fight occurred in some strip club named Tootsie's Cabaret! He was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication. He is currently being held on $1,500 bond. Witnesses say Trick got knocked out during the fight and had to be taken away by ambulance.
What are your thoughts? What celebrity arrest just really pisses you off?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jena 6 Update

For those of you who can not make it to Jena, LA for the march, you can come out to our nation's capital to show your support Thursday, September 20, 2007 from 8am-2pm.

To my commenter that said I wouldn't be attending the Jena march in Louisiana--I will be attending this one!

If you can not attend, wear black as an act of support and solidarity.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The VMAs Atrocity!

So if you guys missed the VMAs last night--good for you! Unfortunately, it reminded me of the BET awards, in that it was disorganized, poorly planned, had bad performances, and a fight as well. What the H was up with the performances in the different parties? Different artist performed in various rooms of the Palms casino, with the actual show being held downstairs. I was sooo tired of seeing Kanye with that horrendous fit and awful white glasses. It looked like the Justin/Timbaland party was by far the most crunk--but they could have just performed on the main stage and left the outside activities alone.

First and foremost, let me address the opening "performance" (if you can call it that) with Brittany Spears. I was really routing for her to prove everyone wrong and make a great comeback, but it was more like a train wreck. She couldn't even lip sync with feeling and looked as though she was seriously under the influence of something. I actually like that song, but its like she forgot how to perform. The stage presence, dance technique and sex appeal that made her famous (because we all know it wasnt the voice) has disappeared! Mike's description was that she was moving in slow motion while everyone around her was at full speed. The audience shots are priceless-I've never seen that many bewildered faces at the end of a performance before!

Did anyone peep her slight stumble in the beginning and overall cluelessness throughout the song? She was originally going to perform a magic trick with the help of Chris Angel where she would appear through floating mirrors, but MTV cut it due to insurance reasons. Finally, what was up with her fit? I know Brit Brit isn't the classiest chick but COME ON! The entire thing was TERRIBLE. What are your thoughts?

I must also address the Tommy Lee/Kid Rock debacle. While Pamela Anderson was on stage, it was clear Tommy was heckling and making comments to which she responded, on air "Stop Tommy." He apparently continued to taunt Kid Rock throughout the show, and finally Kid couldn't take it anymore. He clocked him during the Alicia Keys performance and both were removed from the show. Here is what Jamie Fox and Diddy had to say about it. Is it wrong that I love how ninja-ish Jamie Fox acts at these shows?

UPDATE--HERE IS WHAT TOMMY LEE SAYS HAPPENED ON HIS MY SPACE (Grown men post on myspace?--Wait I'm grown, never mind!):
Yeah!! I am minding my own biz having a great time with my friend Criss Angel (magician) and watching the MTV awards in the front row saying hello to all my friends......Pamela comes and sits on my lap who I love and adore....and also say hello to my friend Travis Barker and his wife!.....and i get a text from another friend P. Diddy and he says come sit with me.....and he's sitting with Miss HOT Megan FOX so I go over and sit with P! Not a minute later and Alicia Keys starts her amazing performance....("I apologize sweetie.....I had nothing to do with the timing and disrespect")......back to the stupid-ness!! I get a tap on the shoulder from Kid Pebble...I stand up and embrace him with a semi hug and say "Hey dude...What up"?? He punches me in the face.....well if ya wanna call it that!?....more like a bitch slap!.......Wuss!! Anyway....i go to knock this jealous country bumpkin the f$%k OUT....and before I can have a meeting with my fist and his ugly ass mug guards... grab me and haul my ass outta the award show! So I'm fine and of course leave to my room with police and owner of the Palm's George Maloof......the rest is paper work and bullshit!... Anyway...... I would like to apologize to Alicia and George and MTV for the disrespectful bullshit caused by a piece of shit called Kid Pebble!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Love and Happiness

Does love equal happiness? Can genuine happiness exist in the absence of a loving, intimate relationship? If you have a loving, committed relationship, should that be enough? Do the constructs of society push us towards marriage or is it human nature? Is monogamy even a human/natural function or a religious ideal most tend to roll with?
Do I believe marriage is BS? Often times, yes. Behind closed doors, many happy couples are not what they seem.

Do I believe some marriages are blissful and the perfect match? Of course--you just have to meet my parents.

Why is it so hard for most marriages to work, then? Specifically black marriages? Our divorce rate is 20 percent higher than whites. Black men divorce black women, 10 percent more frequently than they divorce white women. Do we as black women really have attitude problems, emasculate our men, or push too hard? Do black men think that white and other is better than black? Do women put up with less than they did in past generations or have they stopped looking the other way?

I didn't mean to get this deep with it.

Marriage is not something to be forced because you are ready to take the "next step" or because everyone else around you is doing it and it may not be for everyone. I believe that marriage is truly hard work and both parties must respect and be down for each other. We need more strong black couples and strong black family units. There are so few examples of a stable family environment for many black children growing up.
Here is a couple that has gotten it right! Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Ford.

Name That Child Star (or at least his role and show)


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Diddy's White Night

Sean Combs held his annual White Party in the Hamptons this past weekend. There are so many other important issues in the world, but I had to address the looks of some of the attendees. First off, Janice Combs--WHY?? WHY?? WHY can't you ever get it right? Do you specifically search for the cheapest looking wigs you can find? Diddy never once suggested you go to a professional stylist and spend some dough on quality hair?

Lil' Kim? Why did you do that to your face? She was almost normal looking again when she got out of jail--like of the plastic surgery had settled in. This new batch is horrendous and I cant stand to look at her for ongoing periods of time. What is Ray-J thinking? He just bought this chick a Lambo! After his anatomy was displayed for all to see--you would think he could have "up"ed his game from Kim Kardashian but he goes from Whitney to this?

What are your thoughts on Mariah? Is it just me or does her dress look like it came from the 5 dollar clothing store? (Do y'all remember that store?)

Finally, my favorite look of the night.

Star has finally figured it out. Her head no longer looks too big for her body, she has stopped showing that disgusting chest scar, and her hair is current and flattering. Go Star and gay Al!